OFF) (edit) psychedelic "too muches"

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Hi friends, Maybe this too is another way they are trying to stop some of us
getting in touch with the psychic realm in other ways, if I can center
meditation is great, but I haven't had that "'aha," moment from that, yet.
As usual, I'm probably trying too hard  For thus who indulge, as always,
know your source, I figured with all the other designer drugs eventually
someone would try to make an enhanced version of lsd.  Some things are best
left as they are. Chris used to read Alexander Shulgin , but I'm not
familiar wither David Nichols.  There hasn't been much mention about lsd
over the last 20 years, I thought it went way underground, or people were
indo the mda type designer drugs.  

Best wishes to all, be happy, healthy, and safe,    

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On 4/9/14, Jonathan Smith <smithjm77x7 at> wrote:
> Two people-- Alexander Shulgin and Dr David Nichols developed a lot of 
> psychedelics.  Others have carried on their work.
> The problem is that they are then sold by online vendors and  taken by 
> kids who do not do their research about doses.
> There  have been a number of compounds with small enough doses to fit 
> on a blotter, but kids will then take more too quickly and the results 
> can be bad. LSD is not toxic but others  have a much lower LD50 |(the 
> dose at which 50% dies).

Interesting Jonathan, thanks for that.
Unfortuanetly here, it looks like these kids were not being told what they
got, not the one that died anyway.
It (these kids here)  just seems like "one more aspect" of something
American that needs improving.
I am not ralking about ingesting illegal drugs, I am talking spiritual.
anyway, thanks, I will look at these things out of personal interest.
Glad i did my acid before this is a problem :)

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