I need help with questions about surround sound settings

mary sullivan maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Sat Apr 12 14:17:57 EDT 2014

Hi, friends,

Being married to a sound engineer, and just being me, I need to know a few
things about settings for surround sound.  It's challenging enough that I
can't figure out which setting is which with all these digital settings.
When listening to  recording  in 5.1 surround, what is the right setting?
If I want the surround effect for a stereo recording, do I need a different
setting?  My dear friend Mike, is always telling me to just play with it,
and listen to the setting I like, but if something is actually recorded in
5.1 I want to hear it the way the artist meant for it to sound. There seems
to be a setting for music, and 1 for movies. Any help from all you experts
out there would be super appreciated.  

I miss using dials instead of pushing buttons, it's more difficult for me.
Do I use DTS, autosurround, prologic, Err!!!! It sounds real good but I need
accuracy.  I hope Tim doesn't need to change the settings for me, if I need
to use different settings, I need to find a way to do it myself.  Chris
always did want to teach me about sound,, I wish I had been open to learning
more, he tried to teach me, but I didn't get it.   It all seemed too
complicated to meet the time, he was working doing beta testing for all
kinds of cool Lexicon stuff.  Having a sound studio in our living room for a
while was quite a trip.  The apartment was small.

I need to find out if I can control this monster myself, it's a really nice
monster, a bit intimidating, though, and if I were to study the manuals I
might actually get some sleep which might not be bad, but that won't solve
my problem, unless anyone wants to try projecting it telepathically when I
am asleep which unfortunately, is at night.  


Love to all,



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