Cath a Falling Star-freighter

mike c insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 1 15:39:27 EST 2014

I wasn't intending to be rude to you Mike
This was my attempt at playing "space ball", and in hindsight maybe I
should have done my posts the next day.

I am currently trying to decide how ill I should feel. Not just this,
me in general.
I keep enetertaining the notion of leaving, but i don't want to and
more than that I don't want to be the "mentally ill BOC-L failure"

telling the truth

which I AM good at

I now send this because it seems like something FoFP would like as
well as others.
I read hios article and it is above me to say much at the time. I do
not as yet know enough about the thing that crashed which I saw
briefly on the news

I stuggle thinking "how much is facebook" and "how much is me"?  hehe

exactly how bad is it in my case??

addendom: i also do not assume there IS a problem with me on this one,
it just seems likely

On 11/30/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
> oops,
> there's more!!
> -EX
> and I blame the British phonograph decks for exposing a word I didn't know
> :)
> On 11/29/14, mike c <insect.brain at> wrote:
>> On 11/25/14, Michael Holmes <fofp at> wrote:
>> what do you make of the:
>> origin spectral interpretation resource identification security regalith,
>> then

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