HW/OFF: "Space Does Not Care" airs tonight live at...

CRosenberg chuckrecs at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 5 22:21:30 EST 2014

For you 'Mericans and insomniac/early-riser over-the-ponders...

"Space Does Not Care COLON Sonic Attack on Estero Bay" airs tonight at 9pm,
as usual. HEAR an UNeclectic mix of
Psych/Indie/Noise/Electro/Space/Hazy-Phazy-Lazy-Gazy Kosmiche Footwear
Musik for you...etc etc... Thank you, Rosenberg.

("SDNC" Airs every Friday 9pm-Midnight PST on KEBF 97.3 "The Rock"
<Listener-Supported Community Radio for All of Estero Bay> and streams live
at http://animalradio.com/mini/no_ads2.html

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