Aural Innovations Radio: New Space Rock Show

Jerry Kranitz spacerock at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Fri Dec 19 09:47:26 EST 2014


I've just uploaded a new edition of Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show
#342). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day
in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio
shows page at:


Note that new REVIEWS are posted regularly to the Aural Innovations Reviews
page at:


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #342)


Sendelica - "Master Benjamin Warned Young Albert Not To Step On The
Uninsulated Air" (from Anima Mundi)

Secret Saucer - "Evade" (from Nachvollziehens)

Ax Genrich - "In A World Of Dinosaurs" (from In A World Of Dinosaurs)

A.J. Kaufmann - "Whispering Egypt" (from Stoned Gypsy Wanderer)

Ad'Absurdum - "Suite About a Day at Home" (from Zeitverschoben)

Get On Jolly - "The Grey Monk" (from Why Was Cupid A Boy)

Sharon Crutcher - "Namaste" (from Brilliant Shroud)

Sun Zoom Spark - "Left For Life" (from Left For Dead)

Cobracalia - "Dandyloin" (from Cobracalia)

Mick Magic & Lord Litter - "State Of The Art" (from M+E Decadion 2.2)

Cosmic Dance Society - "$ucce$$" (from M+E Decadion 2.2)

Walls Of Genius - "Unrestrained By Discipline" (from Now Not Then)

Brian Fowler - "Solar Girl" (from Solar Girl single)

Paul Foley - "Raven" (from Shape in Spacetime)

UNIT - "Make The Bastard Cry" (yet to be released)

The Magic Mushroom Band - "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" (from
A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl)

Mechanik - "Remember A Day" (from A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl)

The Chemistry Set - "See Emily Play" (from A Momentary Lapse Of Vinyl)

Comets ov Cupid - "Sein Und Zeit" (from Eko Eko Aradia)



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