HW Chicago Lounge Ax 1989

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Yeah, I have that video as well, but it has footage from shows other than
the Chicago ones.  Hawkwind probably recorded some of the USA shows from
1989 and 1990 (as evidenced by the Palace Springs and Live 1990 CDs), so I
suppose we can always look forward to hearing some sort of archival
releases.  And then of course there is the hoard of soundboard tapes that I
assume Mary has :-)
John Majka

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On 20/03/2014 23:56, Jonathan Smith wrote:

>> I've realized that I don't have a copy of the video of Hawkwind at 
>> Chicago's Lounge Ax in 1989.  Can anyone hook me up?  I probably have 
>> lots to trade....
>> John Majka

I have a VHS tape from Dave labelled "USA Tour 89/90". Could be some of that
gig is on it?

1992  Hawkwind USA Tour 89/90
         Assault & Battery
         The Golden Void
         Interview (Brock & Bainbridge)
         Wind of Change
         Time We Left
         Time We Left
         Needle Gun
         The Golden Void
         Your Secret's Safe With Me
         Out of The Shadows
         Snake Dance
         Night of the Hawk
         TV Suicide
         Blue Shift
         Back in the Box
         Hass an I Sabha
         Reefer Madness

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