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Sun Mar 23 13:14:38 EDT 2014

Oh yeah, I think I might have watched half an episode of Roswell, etc..

I just can't stand how humans do television and movies, let alone what
they do with aliens/unknown supernatural forces...

I wonder if I might like "dark skies" any better now...

doubt it

then again. maybe it's NOT humans PROGRAMMING our televison, but
something "LESS", and maybe televison was INSTALLED by Ted Owen's UFO

On 3/23/14, please let me live <insect.brain at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/21/14, Michael Holmes <M.Holmes at ed.ac.uk> wrote:
>> On 21/03/2014 15:49, not yet deceased wrote:
>>> It was "star crossed" that was bewildering me
>> I just googled it. Looks like it'll be more or less a remake of Roswell.
>> Using the skills honed in watching thirty thousand hours of Bad TV, I
>> predict that there will be at least one couple who are in love but
>> cannot touch each other, or the universe will end/aliens will
>> invade/humanity will die of gragu infection/ the Eschaton will be
>> Immanetised (delete as inappropriate).
>> FoFP
> as i was just sitting here I remembered I need to study this to see if
> it is a trap and how stupid it might actually make me feel or not :)
> you guys getting "unsealedf alien files" over there yet??
> Coast to Coast fired my homeboy John, who narrates....
> Now, he's pay-per listen.....everythihng is wrong.
> I sure hope they roll out some new ones soon......even though my hour
> of TV a week HAS expanded just slightly :)
> "rules of engagment" is good and you can't go wrong with tiger's blood
> reruns :)

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