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Hi friends, 
It seems like I've been missing a lot on the radio, I'll try to do something
about that.  If only I didn't need to escape in sleep sometime, since the
only time I do, is when they sync up with all the good stuff that is
happening on the radio, my time table has changed I can't sleep late, or
much anymore.  Since I wake up right away,  and not in stages my mind is
awake and I don't go back to sleeps if anything wakes me, that's it.  I do
miss the stages of waking, that's when I've had some of my most interesting
moments of consciousness, when I've been lucid between the phases.    I'll
find that zone again, sometime.  Lately I wake racing, and don't stop till
exactly the same time every night, unless I fight it. I do miss the night
hours, since that's really my favorite time, staying up during those hours
would really mess with the chaotic balance we keep with Tim's crazy hours.
I'd be a real case if I slept during the day.  Here in America, baseball
works well for sleep, it's free, on the radio, anyway, and it's nonadictive
and if you're not a fan, it's really boring.  I guess golf would be even
more hypnotic.  Watch out for the subliminals.  I'll learn the self-hypnosis
and add my own subliminals, if I decide to try playing with that kind of
software, that's a bit out of my league. Since I don't believe hearing my
own voice would help with relaxation I have a friend who will read my
scripts when I learn to write and fine tune them.  I need to just do it.    

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On 3/23/14, Nathan Gilbert <nathan.gilbert at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why  did John B Wells get fired from C2CAM? I really liked his 
> Saturday night shows (about the only time I could listen.)

hey bless you again Nathan
I only researched it when it had just happened, and the info was very brief.
I need to tgake aniother look.
However, my own colclusions were thus:

1) he was too political in certain ways, and I think he might have been
talking about things the "octopus" disallows-  like too much specific info
on Fukushima maybe??
For instance, if I talk about aliens, they need to be a threat and scary :)

2) his music was "too good" for some people? ....he got complaints

3) he did seem a little loopy at times (in latter broadcasts), but overall
he is great

4) maybe it is all a sham, and they encouraged him to just set up his OWN
broadcast, which is what he is now doing

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