Petition to induct HW into R'nR' Hall of Fame

Michael von Coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Sun Nov 2 16:32:34 EST 2014

No worries Mary
More from me later too. It's "nappy time"
ps- I didn't start this but how amusingly chaotic might it be if it happened!!

anyway, zzzzzzz for now

On 11/2/14, mary sullivan <maryann.sullivan1 at> wrote:
> I suppose it would look good, honestly, the Hall of Fame is bullshit, it's
> not about the music, just who's selling it, (imo).  By all means, go for
> it,
> I wouldn't set foot into a Hard Rock Café, Hall of fame, or anything else.
> I would liked to have checked out The Orbacle Church Of Rock, or was it
> Brock, (kidding) that the folks in Cleveland had going on.
> Mike sorry I've been out of touch, you'll hear from me soon, this is the
> first time I've touched the computer in 2 days.  Time to check all my other
> emails.
> Good luck with the hall of fame thing, and if a petition is going on, for
> what it's worth, of course I'd sign it, Dave and the other members of
> Hawkwind deserve the recognition.
> Bye for now,
> Mary
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> This thing has just had a surge of life, has 500+ signatures, and i can
> personally vouch that it is not a spam problem.
> they are EXTREMELY polite, you will get one email and then you tell them
> you
> just wanted to sign this and nothing more
> (they provide the form)
> 1422886

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