Space Chase 1980- 1985

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Sat Nov 8 14:19:52 EST 2014

What is this?

Amazon Review says
>From the vault of L.A.s most notorious hard rock band comes this never
before released live album!
The sound quality is excellent and the boys are absolutely at the top of
their game, ripping through supercharged versions of One More Reason,
Electric Gypsy, Never Enough and more!
Liner notes written by lead vocalist Phil Lewis

But internet says
This single-disc compilation is drawn from the Levitation
<>, Sonic Attack
<>, Choose Your
Masques <>,
and Chronicle of the Black Sword
albums. It was a particularly fertile and disruptive period during the
band's history when Hawkwind
<> founder Dave Brock
<>, bassist Harvey
Bainbridge <>,
and guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton
<> employed a
plethora of drummers, including Simon King
<>, Ginger Baker
<>, Martin Griffin
<>, the Cure
<>'s Andy Anderson
<>, New Model Army
<>'s Rob Heaton
<>, and Clive Deamer
<>. Other
interesting personnel from these years included the return of Nik Turner
<>, Phil "Dead Fred"
Reeves <>,
and even Michael Moorcock
<>. While the
albums these tracks were drawn from were often uneven, this compilation
holds together quite well. In addition to album tracks, it includes the
"Silver Machine" (1982 single version) b/w "Waiting for Tomorrow" 7", the
live A-side of "Shot Down in the Night," and "Dragons & Fables" from the
Earth Ritual Preview EP.

Which is correct??

Don't want to buy if a compilation but would if live unreleased stuff.

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