Sonic Attack

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*Russell Hunter, Duncan Sanderson, Andy Colquhoun, Jacki Windmill and
second drummer George Butler*

This the line up from here.
<>  I
would like to see them if I had the chance. The Pink  Fairies started off
as the Deviants, so...

On 2 September 2014 20:13, David Bottomley <daveb10000 at> wrote:

> Hi Jon
> I haven't yet had a chance to see the reformed Pink Fairies myself, but am
> hoping to do so next month. There are, however, a few YouTube clips of the
> band from this year. For example:
> Hope that helps a little.
> Dave
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> On Mon, 1 Sep 2014, Steve Freight wrote:
> > Currently sitting at the 20th most purchased Album according to Amazon.
>         OK, this is enough to bring me out of my silence. Firstly I had
> managed to miss this, and I am torn between being cross at it being still
> another retread and delighted by what it actually *is*---I shall go for the
> latter, I think. But also this got me looking at Mission Control for the
> first time in a *long* time, thankfully still in time to find the notice
> about Hawktoberfest and go, "The PINK FAIRIES?"
>         Sadly, Wikipedia, for want of a better source, tells me that this
> Pink Fairies contains neither Larry Wallis nor Paul Rudolph (and not Twink
> either, possibly for the best but he is apparently active again as I learnt
> from Jerry Kranitz's Space-Rock Radio in Aural Innovations the other day,
> leading me to webpages that say he is now trading as Mohammed Abdullah in
> the name of a newly acquired Muslim faith!). In fact, it's basically the
> last Deviants line-up, including Jacki Windmill, a second drummer and Andy
> Colquhoun on guitar. Apparently this line-up did a couple of Fairies gigs
> in
> May; did anybody see, was it fun? I would probably pay a quid or two extra
> myself to have Ms Windmill not turn up, but otherwise I want not to be too
> disappointed...  Yours all, still out here,
>                                                                   Jon
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