Aural Innovations Radio: New Space Rock Show

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz at AURAL-INNOVATIONS.COM
Sat Sep 13 10:16:45 EDT 2014 <> 


I've just uploaded a new edition of Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show
#337). See the playlist below. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day
in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio
shows page at:


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #337)


Chrome - "Cyberchondria" (from Feel It Like A Scientist)

onYou - "Finding the Wronskien" (from Ultimum Photon A Sole)

Kikagaku Moyo - "Zo No Senaka" (from Kikagaku Moyo)

Kikagaku Moyo - "There Is No Other Place" (from Mammatus Clouds)

Buffalo Tooth - "Wet Circumstances" (from Gardeners of the Devil's Lettuce)

Sauer Adler - "Lucifer's Herb" (The Trips and Dreams of Stephen Adler)

Spaceseed - "The Empire Of Night" (from The Fraternal Order Of)

Blue Lily Commission - "Saz P'zaz" (from Culture 2)

UNIT - "Hexagram 23 including Towers Open Fire" (from Rock in Opposition:
Phase 6)

Space Mushroom Fuzz & Ice Dragon - "New Blue Horizon" (from Crystal Future)

Kanoi - "Suspicions Aside" (From The City To The Stars)

Brain Pyramid - "Into the lightspeed" (from Chasma Hideout)

Reversed Nature - "Out Of The Limbo" (from Into The Limbo)

Guru Freakout - "The Snows Of Mt. Bonnell" (from Mothership) <> 


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