[boc-l] I apologize, Ben, all on Boc-l for the last post

Christian Eric Mumford royalistradio at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 18:21:48 EDT 2016

Sorry, but i am a lonely homosexual and i thought us gays have rights too. I also have a history of Schitzophrenia and heroin use, i used to cook and shoot junk with Geir and Terje. (two junkies) They taught me how to shoot heroin. I even debuted sexually as a virgin gay with Geir who is gay. It was easy cause i used creme to penetrate his anus. I have never had sex with girls, just men, and this was 12-13 years ago.

And after all isnt Blue Oyster bars for gays? I am working on being affeminate to attract butch tough gays so they can use me as their little woman. As for religion, i have converted to Judaism in 2003 when sectioned. I am even circumsised so i am proud to be a miority, a gay, a jew etc. I also want gay sex with black men, if any negroes here want to be my african romance please get in touch.

Yours, and i apologise, i am just all fired up as a virgin gay heroin addict, i want to live my life with a gay husband, preferably Jewish or African (muslim) or maybe a Russian satanist? Who can teach me how to be the best gay lover a man can get.

Yours in Blue Oyster Bars, and the needle and the damage done (heroin)

Christian + Geir (yay ! i love geir, we are super gays!)
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