[boc-l] i dont understand norwegian or english

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Agreed, you may have issues with persons or a person here, I suggest you send them a direct message so the rest of us are not subjected to your vibes which could be perceived as negatively as the person  you’re bashing.  We’re devided enough by design in this world, so let’s all get rid of our shit and raise our vibrational energy.  If we can’t do that within a group of um, like minded people, then what hope does our race have.  Anger is the enemy, it distorts, and is manipulative, like fear.  Be yourself, for those concerned, man let’s all keep it cool here on the list.  There is way too much hatred in the world already.


Peace, love, freedom, and Hawkwind



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Mr. White could you please take your  rude language off the list 





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 I only understand Hebrew (Yiddisch) and i am Jewish LOL.

My homeland is Israel, Gods chosen land for the Jewish race.

Jewish is in my genes and is my culture! Jewish is the only way for me, under God and Holy Hebrew techings.

Thank you BOC L i am in my wheelchair now and talking to my yiddish friends all over the world.

Christian Jewish man (I am a man, manhood in Israel is da Bloom!)



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