[boc-l] What has happened to this list?

Ben Cohen ben at glaver.org
Sun May 8 20:04:29 EDT 2016

On Sun, May 08, 2016 at 03:56:03AM +0000, Randy Hicks wrote:
> Sometimes I wonder why I still subscribe to this list. At one time I learned
> a lot of great info about BOC or Hawkwind on here. Now all I see are the
> ravings of some dude, who's either a lunatic or wants everybody to think he
> is. In the past I have seen the great Albert Bouchard comment on some of the
> postings here. I wonder if Mr. Bouchard still subscribes. I wonder how many
> Hawkwind or BOC fans are still here?

I seem to recall making this point, after a fashion, when I posted the request
for feedback.

In case there was any question, both Mr. Mumford and Mr. White have been
placed on moderation status. Allow me to state that I am unlikely to actually
let either one post - certainly not without an apology by Mr. White. And Mr.
Mumford will discover that my patience has been tried for the *LAST* time.

You *WERE* warned - repeatedly. If you wish to continue to rant like a madman,
then I ask that you do so *SOMEWHERE ELSE*. I will allow you to remain
subscribed - for what little traffic there is otherwise.


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