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strobridge jill jill.strobridge at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon May 9 09:42:19 EDT 2016

Thanks Terry - that was efficient!   While not hugely comfortable with banning
someone completely I am definitely not at all comfortable with the stuff I've
been removing en-masse recently and would probably have unsubscribed by now if I
could only remember how to do so!  However given that this is a moderated list I
would be entirely happy if there was some kind of automatic filter to stop the
worst of the dross before it reached my screen and because I know this list and
have been here since space knows how long, I place my trust entirely in the
judgement of the moderators as to what that dross may be without destroying the
integrity of this list.  Here there is still a relaxed freedom and ease of
reading that isn't really available elsewhere so I'd be sorry to lose it
completely and it would be nice to get back to the easy comfort of reading and
enjoying the occasional message as it drifts in.            



> On 09 May 2016 at 10:24 Terry Kennedy <TERRY at glaver.org> wrote:
> TL;DR - "Don't make me come down here again."
> I have been the sysadmin for the various servers that have hosted
> BOC-L for the last 20+ years. While I don't generally believe in
> limiting speech ("censorship" is only censorship if done by / for a
> government), anyone's right to post and to have their posts read is
> based on the consensus of the community they're participating in.
> The stuff that's come through this list in the past 5 weeks is
> downright bizarre and has definitely moved beyond the community's
> willingness to tolerate this kind of stuff.
> I've made some changes to the list parameters for Ben, which will
> give him (hopefully) the tools he needs to reign in any further be-
> havior like this before you folks even see it. This should restore
> some normality to the list. Other outlets are available for people
> to post their stream-of-[un]consciousness rants, ranging from Red-
> dit to /dev/null.
> Since this issue has only been going on for 5 weeks or so, there
> is probably no need to remove the posts from the archives. That is
> an option for Ben and myself in the event that this type of thing
> happens again. Abusive posters (or at least their posts) can be
> "disappeared" from this list if necessary.
> We now return you to your regularly scheduled (if low-traffic)
> discussions of BOC, Hawkwind, and so on.
> Terry Kennedy ISPnet, Inc. http://www.ispnet.net
> New York, NY USA 800-806-NETS
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