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So, what other SF novels would be good for a Hawkwind concept album?


Arthur C. Clarkes RAMA books

Isaac Asimov FOUNDATION books


Best SF stuff on this planet IMHO



I've long thought that the *original* Foundation concept (Asimov reverse-engineered a bolted-on Robots narrative underpinning it much later) would make
a great TV SF series or even film franchise.

The basic concept of Hari Seldon's "Psychohistory" is key here. Set it up as a kinda Star Wars space opera with Seldon's hologram playing the Obi Wan Kenobi role as he prophesises the social shifts over the generations.
Kung-Fu style flashbacks o Seldon's actual work would fill out the picture and the background whereas the grand space battles and political plotting would trace out the history and its match to Seldon's prophecies.

A big advantage for a film franchise is that as the generations move on, the old stars have to give way to new ones, keeping down costs of paying superstar actors - who'd be relegated to cameos in the later series.
Wrinkles would come in with Mule-like anomalies in the way history pans out.

It'd be Space Opera in the most classic sense, and it could so easily be done well in a way which would draw the crowds.


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