[boc-l] HW: New Krankschaft album

Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at coriolis.greenend.org.uk
Sun Dec 3 13:19:20 EST 2017

On Sun, 3 Dec 2017, Jonathan Smith via boc-l wrote:
> Yes. It's excellent. Steve only a few left so hurry up and buy it!
> On 2 Dec 2017 6:36 a.m., "Carl Edlund Anderson via boc-l" <
> boc-l at lists.ispnet.net> wrote:
>> Yes, the new Krankschaft is top notch!

 	That's good advice is that, I've taken it. Thankyou all for 
recommendations as ever! I'm a bit bewildered by the productivity of the 
Hawknexus this year; you'd expect at least some of them to be slowing 
down, not speeding up... I have much to catch up with, anyway. Yours all,


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