[boc-l] Dark Sun/Death Hawks

Christian Eric Mumford royalistradio at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 22 16:12:56 EST 2017

Anything Hawktribal or Gongtribal name in a spacerock band or underground thing is our future. Like Jerry Kranitz replied to me "there is no such thing as a spacerock poser."....

I was a street Urchin in Tibetan Hawkwind Temple... i was Test Tube Conceived... by Hawkwind / Legendary Pink Dots / Blue Oyster Cult Trident Telepath Tubes... Kryptonite and Lasers...

BTW there is a new ltd. 100 copies Dark Sun CDR on reverbworship label. Also look at the band Death Hawks, too good also from Finland, present on Bandcamp and Discogs.

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