[boc-l] NIK/OFF: Kollector worry

Abra Cadabra anacondaconan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 12:52:39 EST 2017

I have The Pipe The Grid & The Roar on LP and another one on LP. Also
i have Laughs & Thrills and Gulp! on CD. I have all the Darxtar ones
as well. The reason its just 1 big track was the Commander wanted it
that way. I wish it wasnt!

PS: I just got the Nik "Glastonbury 2002" CDR its on Ozit. Got it for
15 EUR on Discogs.

2017-02-02 14:19 GMT+01:00 Jonathan Jarrett via boc-l <boc-l at lists.ispnet.net>:
> On Mon, 30 Jan 2017, Carl Edlund Anderson via boc-l wrote:
>> Well, for what it’s worth, my copy of darXtar’s _Darker_ is still in my
>> possession! (Albeit without its jewelbox and buried deep in a bulging
>> binder
>> of other CDs). I can’t remember whether it’s that one of the self-titled
>> one
>> that had no track divisions on the CD (because when I ripped whichever one
>> that was, ages ago, I carved up the tracks, too!).
>         Dear Carl,
>                    yes, well, it is of course your copy that convinced me I
> needed one of my own so that's all very fitting! (And the single-track one
> is the self-titled...)
>         The copy I snagged came to me from Finland. I heard from Anna Shefl
> quite recently, though, and anyway she's in Estonia now... So the mystery
> remains but I'm glad at least that it wasn't from any collection we
> immediately knew of... Yours,
>                                  Jonathan
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