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> JONATHAN: The opening track on Laughs & Thrills is super trippy haha.

         I can only say, it doesn't do much for me; the version of the same
track on _Hundred Miles Below_ is less trippy but more powerful.

> Be sure to check out Rod Goodway & Adrian Shaw's "OXYGEN THIEVES" album, 2009 release on September Gurls label. It truly is excellent. Speaking of such folk i also got Bari Watt's solo CD and all the old OUTSKIRTS OF INFINITY albums on CD. I used to have only Stoned Crazy, glad i have the others.

         I've been singing the praises of that album for years, and indeed
did so in this very thread, but I'm happy to do so again, it's one of the
best new albums I've bought for years. There was a second one in the can
when Hawklords suddenly broke big and started taking Adrian Shaw's time
(again, I learned from correspondence with Rod), but I don't know why it
hasn't come out now that Adrian has disembarked from that particular
space-ship. I wish it would!

"RE:Evolution" was a better Hawklords album than the very latest one, "Fusion", but the track with the Girlshool singer "SR71" is smokin Hawkpunky stuff. I have enjoyed all the new Hawklords band albums immensely, since getting the 2009 Barney Bubbles double LP and DVD with the tasty Bob Walker artwork. They really gel very well-

BTW both Architectural Metaphor and Secret Saucer have new CDs out. Be sure to check CDBaby:



Architectural Metaphor | Galactus Interruptum | CD Baby ...<https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/architecturalmetaphor12#>
This is the second Architectural Metaphor release in the last two and a half years. Everything You Know is Wrong, their previous album featured female vocals and a ...

> Nik's recent jazzy stuff like Flame Tree especially is very cool.

         I've enjoyed the new-ish Space Odyssey one but haven't heard of
this one. Now I've been to Nik's site and know more so thankyou for the
steer! Yours,

I've been listening to SEPULTURA "Chaos A.D." - their use of WH40k / Moorcock CHAOS symbol is cool. Another band in the Moorcock realm i was turned onto in the past year was the band CIRITH UNGOL- name taken from Tolkien but all the albums artwork is the Whelan ELRIC art. A lot of their songs are centered around Eternal Champion mythos, the music is like a more Doom orientated CELTIC FROST (less avant garde).


ObCD: United Bible Studies - _The Jonah_
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