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Still got my "Darker" (and my "Daybreak")...and a few other hen teeth.
Thanks for checking up, JJ.

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>    1. Re: NIK/OFF: Kollector worry (mary sullivan)
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> Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 13:55:28 -0500
> From: "mary sullivan" <maryann.sullivan1 at verizon.net>
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> Subject: Re: [boc-l] NIK/OFF: Kollector worry
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> Jon, that's 1 of the nice things about this list, is the caring, given you
> felt for the person who parted with the disc, Good for you.  Maybe whoever
> owned it didn't like it, that would be a situation where everyone is happy.
> Nice to read your posting, since I'll go days without checking my email,
> sometimes, I tend to miss a lot, so if I ever don't respond to anything
> anyone here sends, it's I'm a spaceshot with way too much email. I hope you
> are well.  I remember Magic Muscle, Chris and I owned a few of their
> albums,
> sadly I don't remember which ones, anymore. Well, I'm still here, I think.
> Peace, prosperity friendship and hope,
> Lots of love,
> Kaduflyer
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> Cc: Jonathan Jarrett
> Subject: [boc-l] NIK/OFF: Kollector worry
>         Dear all,
>                   I return... Hopefully there's still some people out there
> and you're all OK!
>         I return because I recently had something of a collector's score,
> after finding myself led to Discogs.com by Googling for Magic Muscle's _The
> Pipe, The Roar and the Grid_, the only one of their albums I didn't have.
> And lo it was there. I'd signed up for an account with them when trying to
> get hold of an entirely different album (_Subkraut: U-Boats Wilkommen Hier_
> by Vespero, which is excellent), but it turned out to be easier to get by
> other routes so I never went any further. This time I did, and I kind of
> cleaned out on several things I've been after for a long long time,
> including a 7" of ICU's `Paradise Beach' and, holy of holies, DarXtar's
> _Darker_.
>         Well, at that point I had two thoughts. The first of them, and
> meaner, was that when I saw DarXtar play in London and I afterwards talked
> to the Commander about the unavailability of that album, I encouraged him
> to
> re-release it as a CD-R so he could actually see some money out of it, and
> he said no, he thought it was good that there should be some rarities.
> Well, now I have a copy and he got nothing from it, so I still think he
> would have done better to do it my way. But then, a quickly following
> second
> thought, this CD is rare than hen's teeth; if it's available, that probably
> means someone's collection is being sold off. Which left me suddenly
> feeling
> guilty and wondering: is everyone on BOC-L OK? Have I missed someone's
> final
> departure into space in my absence? And, well, I thought I'd sign back on
> and check... Yours all as of yore,
>                                                             Jon
> --
>         Jonathan Jarrett, Leeds      jjarrett at chiark.greenend.org.uk
>         "May the Lord Almighty guard your life, because among other
>   things it is of great value in silencing the idiocies of blatherskites."
>    (Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury to Archbishop John of Rouen, 1073)
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> Subject: Re: [boc-l] NIK/OFF: Kollector worry
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