[boc-l] OFF: Acid Mothers Temple, Hebden Bridge 20.x.2017

Jonathan Jarrett jjarrett at coriolis.greenend.org.uk
Mon Oct 23 05:38:44 EDT 2017

 	Dear all,
 		  I was lucky enough to have everyone's favourite venerable 
Japanese noise-makers Acid Mothers Temple within range of my now-northern 
abode yesterday, so I made sure I was there. I'd been a bit concerned 
because they are now playing without Tsuyama Atsushi, the monster-bass 
player and throat singer who for me made up so much of the band's 
personality, and I didn't quite know what it would be like without him. 
Faster and simpler, turned out to be the answer, but losing nothing in 
terms of impact or high-octane spaciness. The new bass-player (whom the 
website calls only Wolf) is fantastic, and very very fast: with him on 
board they don't really have the option of slowing down, although they did 
do a version of one song I knew ('Pink Lady Lemonade', maybe? I'm not sure 
which title belongs with which song) that was ony maybe twice its recorded 
speed with some new bouncy basslines. That was the general vibe, anyway: 
get started, take off at full speed and stay there till crashing into a 
huge airbag of feedback noise some ten minutes later. It was great, and I 
recommend the new AMT without hesitation.

 	One thing of note, though, only half the set at most was theirs, 
the rest was covers. They opened with Black Sabbath's 'Wicked World', went 
on with Gong's 'Flying Teapot' (fantastic), did one thing I didn't know, 
then Gong's 'Master Builder' (only just recognisable but excellent), that 
song that may be 'Pink Lady Lemonade' and one other and then it was curfew 
time. We shouted for an encore but nothing doing; oh well. I came home 
happy anyway. Hoping everyone else is similar, yours all,

 	Jonathan Jarrett, Leeds      jjarrett at chiark.greenend.org.uk
 	"May the Lord Almighty guard your life, because among other
  things it is of great value in silencing the idiocies of blatherskites."
   (Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury to Archbishop John of Rouen, 1073)

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