ISPnet scheduled maintenance - Sun Feb 7, midnight-to-2AM

Bob Tinkelman bob at TINK.COM
Fri Feb 5 12:03:33 EST 2010

We are scheduling a maintenance window for this coming
Sat-Sun overnight, from midnight to 2AM, EST, Sun Feb 7,
at our 165 Halsey St, Newark, POP.

During this window we will be changing a fiber jumper
on one of the ISPnet inter-site circuits.

Due to the redundant nature of our network design, this
should not affect the ability of customers to reach the

There may be brief periods of routing instability when
the circuit goes down and comes back up, but we should
be able to keep this to a minimum.

Dual-connect NJ customers with bgp sessions to multiple
ISPnet routers may see one of their bgp sessions go down
for a portion of the maintenance window.  However, the
other session will stay up and access to the net should
not be interrupted.

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