ISPnet scheduled maintenance - Sat Apr 16, midnight-to-2AM

Bob Tinkelman bob at TINK.COM
Mon Apr 11 16:56:21 EDT 2011

We have scheduled a maintenance window for this coming Fri-
Sat overnight, from midnight to 2AM, EDT, the morning of
Sat, Apr 16, for our POP at 25 Broadway, New York.

During this window we will upgrading the hardware on two of
our main backbone routers.

Our plan is to reboot each of the two routers, once, but,
if problems arise, additional reboots could be required.

This will cause periods of routing instability for all
ISPnet customers, including those connected to other ISPnet
POPs.  You may experience increased latency when
communicating with some Internet sites.  Other sites may be
unreachable for short periods of time.

When an ISPnet router is rebooted, direct customer
connections to that routers will go down and stay down for
periods of up to 15 minutes.  This includes all ethernet
cross-connects to customers colocated at 25 Broadway and all
T1 and T3 circuits to customers in lower New York State.  

If you have one of these types of connectiosn and you are
not dual-homed (connected to ISPnet and another ISP) or
dual-connected (two connections to ISPnet), then your
Internet connection will be broken for approximately 15
minutes some time within the maintenance window.

    [If you wish to explore the option of being dual-
    connected, plesae send email to sales at]

We are aware of the inconvenience any Internet outage causes
our customers and do our best to minimize them.  This
weekend's upgrades are necessary to support increases in the
size of our customer base and increases in overall traffic

We appreciate your understanding.
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