Service impacting scheduled maintenance for ISPnet T1 customers, 11/23/2011

Bob Tinkelman bob at TINK.COM
Tue Nov 1 10:18:11 EDT 2011

ISPnet has received notice of carrier maintenance windown that
will affect a number of ISPnet's T1 customers.

The work is scheduled for Wed, Nov 23, 2011, with a window from
midnight to 2 AM.

During this window, there will be service interruptions of up to
15 minutes on T1s between customers and ISPnet.

Customers who are dual-homed or dual-connected with secondary
fall-back paths (e.g., cable, dsl, wireless) may experience brief
periods of instability as routing switches from the primary to
the fall-back path.

This maintenance will affect T1-connected customers ONLY.

If your connection to ISPnet is at a colocation center, or via a
different type of circuit (e.g., Ethernet-over-fiber or Ethernet-
over-copper) then this work will NOT affect you.

ISPnet generally schedules its maintenance windows for Saturday-
Sunday overnights.  This work is scheduled by one of our carriers
and, unfortunately, we have no control over the timing.

Based on past experience, there is a small chance the carrier
will reschedule.  If that happens, we will send another email to
the list with that information.

If you experience problems outside the above window, please
notify ISPnet via the usual contact paths.

If you are not multiply-connected and would like to explore that
option, please contact sales at

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