Routing instability at ISPnet 25 Broadway POP

Bob Tinkelman bob at TINK.COM
Wed Mar 21 05:05:13 EDT 2012

Two ISPnet routers at our 25 Broadway POP experienced several
periods of routing instability starting Tuesday afternoon at
approximately 3PM EDT with the most recent ending around 4:30 AM
Wednesday (today).

During these periods bgp sessions to some customers dropped and
then were reestablished several times.

Other customers experienced latency issues (large and inconsistent

We apologize for the issues this has caused.

We have been working on the problem, and as part of the effort
to isolate the trigger for the instabilities we have temporarily
shut down connections to some of our peers.

Our network configuration is highly redundant.  All parts of the
Internet should remain reachable.  However, some parts will be
reached via a different path than normal.

Please continue report any problems encountered via email or
phone, as appropriate.
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