05/05/15 problems at Telehouse NYIIX

Bob Tinkelman bob at TINK.COM
Wed May 6 04:54:51 EDT 2015

ISPnet peers with a large number of other networks, many of them
through a connection to Telehouse's NYIIX (New York International
Internet eXchange).

The NYIIX is composed of a number of interconnected switches
located at Telehouse facilities and (other) carrier hotels in the
New York area.

ISPnet connects to the NYIIX at 85 Tenth Ave.  Telehouse reported
problems on one of their switches at 111 8th Ave yesterday, for a
period starting in the afternoon and ending late evening.

During that period, _some_ ISPnet customers experienced
difficulty reaching certain parts of the Internet including some
Google name servers (e.g.,  The symptoms ranged from
sluggish performance (due to packet loss) to complete inability
to reach certain sites.

We apologize to our customers for any inconveniences.

Telehouse reported that they located and fixed the underlying
problem and do not expect any reoccurances.

If you experienced problems yesterday and these problems have not
cleared, please contact ISPnet so we can investigate.
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