Brain Surgeons and ITS comming

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Thu Aug 31 08:27:08 EDT 1995

Carl comments on some Brain Surgeons stuff, with my responses following
his comments:

>       As long as TBS [a better acronym than just BS! ;)] keep playing
"Time Is Gonna Take Care Of You" (or whatever the real title is).  That's
rapidly becoming my favorite tune of theirs.  I know it's from the first
album, it's the second album that's in vogue now ;) but it just rocks so
incredibly live--the little tempo shift, the massively heavy guitars, and
of course Deb screech the title in the chorus.

Yeah, that was probably my #2 TBS tune on *Eponymous* (#1 until I heard
them do "Name Your Monster" live -- which is still now my favorite
Surgeon tune).  I was probably the heaviest on that disc, but is taken
to quite a higher level live - there are a few subtle guitar lines on
the disc that are sledgehammered at you live which is just fantastic.
Also, it is of course one of the songs that shows Deb's ability to really
belt out a heavy rocker ("T T T TIIIIIIIMMMMEEEEE . . . is gonna take care
of YOOOOOUUUUUUU . . .") - gotta love it.

>        I have to work out the chords and licks for some TBS material so I
can jam on it with people and (if I still make it to England) if I get a
new band we can cover them :)

Let me know if you ever get one together - if I can get a temporary
reprieve from my family duties, I'd love to be part of a jam.  I've been
working out a few Surgeons tunes on the bass (some of the basslines on
*Trepanation* are a bit trickier than *Eponymous*, but I'm working on
it), and as long as 60 Watts out of my amp is enough . . .

TBS huh?  I suppose it's better than BS, but how 'bout BrS?


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