Hawkwind losing steam?

Dave Berry daveb at HARLEQUIN.CO.UK
Tue Sep 12 13:15:08 EDT 1995

Recycled tracks on HW studio albums:

Sonic Attack: Sonic Attack (a rather dire version, IMO)
Choose Your Masques: Silver Machine (which had never been released on
        a studio album before then, though that's not much of an excuse).
Electric Teepee: Mask Of Morning (significant reworking, IMO)
IITBOTFTBD:   The Camera That Could Lie (lyrics from Living On A Knife Edge).
              Letting In The Past
              Gimme Shelter (a cover, rather than a recycled HW track).
Alien:  Death Trap
        Wastelands (instrumental version of Wastelands Of Sleep, and
                    significantly different IMO)
        Are You Losing Your Mind (Iron Dream with lyrics)

Have I missed any?

I'm not including various compilation albums, solo albums, or live albums.
There are also some half-live/half-studio albums which could sort of count.
But I'd instead criticise these live albums for playing the same old tracks
when there are so many good tracks that haven't made it to live albums at all.

I am disappointed that tracks such as "I am the eye that looks within"
and "Black sun" haven't made it onto the new album.   But perhaps the
people who have already got these as "bonus tracks" would be disappointed
to see them appear a second time.  Maybe we need a Bonus Tracks album
(the modern version of a B-sides album).


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