BOC set changes

Joseph Brooks bpalace!jbrooks at CONNECTNET1.CONNECTNET.COM
Wed Sep 20 10:04:24 EDT 1995

On Mon 18-Sep-1995  5:41p, Oyster Girl wrote:
OG> On 16 Sep 95, Joseph Brooks wrote:

OG> > RM> BlackBlade
OG> > RM> Lips In The Hills
OG> >
OG> > Never liked 'Lips'... How about 'Baby Ice Dog'?

OG> Wishful thinking, there.  Maybe you can hear TBS do it someday,
OG> though.

Hmmm... Wonder why BOC wouldn't do it? Oh well, hopefully TBS will tour the
west coast sometime...

OG> > RM> Mistress of the Salmon Salt
OG> > RM> The Vigil
OG> >
OG> > Yes! I've dreamed of hearing these two live! Especially 'Mistress'.
OG> > If they ever did it, I sure don't remember it.

OG> Bolle has a tape with MotSS.  It wasn't played much live.

Sure wish I could get my hands on some of these tapes!

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