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Craig Shipley craigs at PYRAMID.COM
Mon Sep 25 15:50:17 EDT 1995

Anyone from around the Washington DC area remember WGTB (90.1FM).
Great nights listening to their programming. Pledged $10.00 to 'em
if they played some Hawkwind (never did hear 'em play anything, so
I defaulted on my pledge...). One time, they brought a Mini-Moog into
the studio and improvised... Heard a _fantastic_ version of The Beatles
_While_My_Guitar_Gently_Weeps_; halfway thru the guitar solo, they
(the station, I assume) segued in a piece of e-music that matched the
music beautifully and, overdubbed overr the music, were excerpts from
various WWII speeches (FDR, Churchill, Hitler & Truman were the ones
that I remember). After the "war is over" speech, the e-music faded and
the original song ended; stunning! Never did find out who did that (this
was in the mid-70's, I think). Best damn station in the world...

WeGotTaBoogie is dead, long live WeGotTaBoogie!

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