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hello all,

finally a hot debate on BOC...on the MUCH neglected Mr. Calvert...

first of all - if you want to know how Brock feels about Calvert and his
contributions to HW - I just added the man's own statement on that to the
Calvert site.

I don't to go into the ongoings about every song from the appropriately
entitled BUSINESS trip album - Christian did quite a good job on it -
but...refering to one of the replies: it's got nothing to do with
"hairsplitting": "This Future" is nothing else than Calvert's original poem
"Welcome to the Future" - altered in no way whatsoever - musically /
Calvert's performance obviously was better - but that's another point
altogether. Whoever messed up the credits - there IS such a thing as a
COPYRIGHT, however small / good / old the song might be - however dead the
original composer might be.
However, I am sure that Brock knows how much Hawkwind owe to Calvert - and
vice versa - and I believe he's still appreciating the "heritage" - a lot of
all time HW highlights came out of those Calvertian times of the band.
Brock and Calvert - well, it was (at the time) the Lennon-McCartney
combination - unbeatable as a team - and none of them as good on his
own....unfortunately they didn't stick together that long...

just imagine the HW story without 'Steppenwolf' / Quark / Hassan I Sahba /
Robot etc etc..... - so, let's hope they keep their credits clear in the
future...Mr. Calvert deserves it - Mr. Brock too. it's that simple.

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