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> >From Johan;
> > At 08:58 1996-12-04 +0000, you wrote:
> > >clearly, I am sure his death was drugs related.  I remember reading an
> > >article in Melody Maker in 1976 about people in the rock world who had
> > >died through abuse of drugs - and he was up there with Joplin, Hendrix et
> > >al.
> >
> Ah yes, Thain, Hendrix, Morisson...All right, kids, what's wrong with
> this picture?
Uhhh, if you are a drug-addled fool, don't play rock music???

I am also disgusted by the lack of intelligence of some of the artists
who prematurly did themselves in. Playing an ELECTRIC guitar in a bathtub?
What a f***ing first-class IDIOT!! (I lost a high-school buddy who was
watching TV while taking a bath. The TV fell in the tub and ... ;-( ).
Putting a gun to ones' head (or any other part of their anatomy) for fun
or to impress someone is the apex of stupidity. Man, it is bad enough that
LIFE is out to get you, why would anyone want to do anything dumb enough to
hasten that process?

> Is this the Uriah Heep frontman we're discussing?  When did he check
> out?  And is there some curse on UH?  And if so, when can we expect
> Mick Box to cash in?
Yup, the UH frontman (although he had left UH long before his death. He was
fronting a band called something like Black Diamond or maybe he was just
performing solo. I recollect an LP that had him on the front cover, which
I think was a solo LP; I had stopped buying UH and UH-related material by that
time, so this one was never heard by me). This incident took place sometime in
the late '70's/early '80's. Curse on UH? I know they had the devils' own time
in keeping a bassist until Thain came along and that they are now pretty much
a mediocre metal band, but no more cursed than anyone else...I think that Box
and the drummer are the only two original memebers left. Box has probably seen
enough bad shit happen to his old mates to keep him on the straight and narrow.
> > Another rocker's death is the Felix Pappalardi Incident. The bass player of Mountain was shot to death 1983 by his wife Gail Collins (the Mountain cover artist) during a ordinary "house fuzz".
> >
Was it '83? I though it was a lot more recent than that, like the early '90's.
Sorry, no other details...
> Well finally we come to a real tragedy.  I know this was a
> sensational case.  Anyone have details?
> theo
> >

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