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Thu Dec 5 12:09:00 EST 1996

>>From Craig:

> > I think that is mostly due to the album cover and the song M.E. 262 -
> > "Hitler's on the phone from Berlin, says I'm gonna make you a star.." Some
> > people pick up on any little bit and decide that because of it, the band
> > must be nazis or satan worshipers or whatever... They probably never paid
> > any heed to the rest of the lyrics.
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> Ahhh, yes, the old "BOC Nazi" reference! I remember reading an interview in
> one of the local DC rags that started off with the "Are you guys Nazis?". This
> was about the time of _ST_ and was probably due to the _ST_ cover. I think that
> the article then made the point that most of the band is Jewish. I also
> remember a song title (tongue-in-cheek?) refered to as "Concentration Camp For
> Dogs", which wouldn't do much to help dispel the Aryan Race references. The

I read a similar accusation made in an interview, and BD [I think it
was] said in response to the Question: 'Are you guys Jewish Nazis?
"Actually only Eric is Jewish."

Funny thing is, ME262 is written about the final days of WWII when
Naziism's defeat was certain.  And the sound effects depict, among
other things, a bombing raid certainly being carried out AGAINST

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