BOC: Disco or Funk?

BREVARD Adrian R. (MSMail) ABrevard at SHL.COM
Mon Dec 9 12:45:00 EST 1996

>   >Much of Mirrors seems to me very disco-esque.
>Strange, since on a '79 boot, Al sings
>"3000 guitars
>they seem to cry
>my ears will melt
>disco won't survive"
>Anyone else catch that one?

>I did sing it and felt it too. If Mirrors came out like disco then it must
>have been Werman's fault 'cause we weren't ino it.

Hmmm I was big into Disco at one time (yes I+m ashamed to admit but have
learned to live with it)  I would not classify Mirrors as anything
"disco-esque", there isn+t that consistent rythm found in pure disco.
Mirrors was more like "pop music" Now BOC has done some things that are
funky (ETI), some R&B flavor (Vera Gemini) and even jazzy (Monsters),
but never anything approaching disco. .

Craig:  At one time you used the Tysons Corner Towers.  I like that
store better than the one in Fair Lakes area.  They have a greater
supply of imports and for some reason they are cheaper than their FL
counterparts.  Recently the FL store listed a single copy of Threshold+s
- Livedelicatessan EP.  Wonderful but nobody in the farkin store can
find it..  Will give the website a try.  Recommend you take a quick
listen to either Grethcen Goes to Nebraska or self titled King+s X disc.
 Marevelous group.  Dream Theater is fine with me, weak lyrically but an
impressive cast of musicians.  This new Prog stuff can be pretty weird,
you have the Dream Theater camp , the more metal than prog camp and
mostly prog stuff.  I think some of these guys should bow and salute in
the direction of Brand X,; a lot of what they are doing was done by BX
in the late 70+s.

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