HW: Griffin WotEoT wierdness

skarsol skarsol at EROLS.COM
Tue Dec 10 12:13:17 EST 1996

Mike Fuller wrote:
> A couple of months ago, I got the Griffin _Warrior on the Edge of Time_
> CD for Kollector's sake, but already having the Dojo version, I didn't
> bother to listen to it until last night.  I don't know what the heck is
> on it, but it sure ain't Hawkwind!  Has this happened to anyone else?
> Also, I got it by mail-order, and it's probably too late and too much
> trouble to try to explain what happened and return it.  Does anyone know
> if Griffin will exchange it?

i seem to remember someone had this problem before.it was something like
starcastle on there.some progstuff anyway. contact griffin on the web.
im sure they will help.
tell them you got it as a gift.i am sure they know of the problem.
btw-the griffin ver. has much better sound than the dojo,which was
recorded off vinyl,i think.   rj

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