BOC, BRAIN: Last night's AOL Chat

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Wed Dec 11 14:34:25 EST 1996

>If you are insinuating that he left because Albert was there, he didnt.

I'm saying it seemed curious to me - I don't know Eric's reason for
leaving, but I know he left quickly, and basically said something to
the effect of "Albert will answer questions" (not a direct quote).

>Albert came in around the same time as Eric, but he didnt announce who he
was, and noone but Eric (and I because I asked him in an IM) knew who he was.

I didn't notice when Albert came in, but you and Eric weren't the only
one's who knew, because someone sent me a flash message soon after with
Albert's screen name and asked me "recognize the name?", and then told
me that he had IM'd when he came on as well.

I hope I have not "stirred the pot" in some people's minds.  I do not
"take sides" in any dispute (past, present, or future) between members.
I am a fan of BOC with and without Albert, as well as Albert with and
without BOC -- as Deb once said, I'm an "equal opportunity boot-licker"

BTW, I happened to read a post on the AOL BOC folder from someone who
claims that there are a few of us hear on BOC-L who "kiss Deb's and Al's
butts" -- I think that person is misinformed.  Being a big fan of tBS
and wanting to spread the word of their music has nothing to do being
a butt-kisser.  As for me personally (the "equal opportunity boot-licker,
or perhaps equal-opportunity butt-kisser in this case), I've done as
much as I can to promote BOTH bands.  The difference between Al and BOC
as far as some BOC-L members opinion of them boils down to this:  In
recent history, Albert has released 3 albums; BOC?  But, I think that
there are alot of people here on BOC-L very excited by the prospects of
a new BOC album - some of it may be cautious optimism because BOC has
had a bad habit in the 90's of announcing albums that never materialized.
And, while everything looks good so far, "Ezekiel's Wheel" is not
available - yet.  So, BOC-L discussion is more likely to turn to
"Box of Hammers".  And that ain't butt-kissing...


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