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I hope I didn't make it sound like a big deal, because I don't think it is
big at all, just something that has reared its ugly head on occasions. It IS
silly and pointless and futile and childish etc, and not worth dwelling on.
Pete.(Popular Front of Judea)

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At 09:37 AM 12/12/96 +0100, you wrote:
>>Maybe you've missed the fun, but there have been times when AOL and BOC-L
>>haven't been kind to each other. Some here have said things to the effect of
>>"AOL has a pathetic pandering attitude" and AOLers have said things to the
>>effect of "BOC-L is hostile to BOC (including current band members) and
>>AOL". It's flared a few times (and I suspect simmers in the background) as
>>maybe some sort of sibling rivalry perhaps. I don't know why, but it always
>>makes me think of the "People's Front of Judea" and the "Judean People's
>>Front" ;) There was also a recent post from Bolle that was "critical" of
>>BOC-L and stirred things up for a while. Any clearer?
>Yeah. But still doesn't make any sense, if you ask me ! :-o
>        I'd already heard all this stuff you mentioned, but it just seems
>so... uh... childish ? I dunno. We're all grown up adults here, aren't we
>?... AREN'T WE ? Gee, at least one or two of you folks could have agreed ;-)
>        Anyway, what I mean is that all this stuff just sounds futile to me.
>I'm a BOC fan and as long as I have an AOL access I will be joining that
>chat, no matter what whoever may think. I like BOC and I want to chat about
>BOC. Don't care much about the rest. If the guys on AOL think I'm a pro-Al
>(whatever that's supposed to mean !) because I'm on BOC-L, well, let them
>think so if it can make them feel better - and maybe let them make their own
>mind while I'm there.
>        It's just plain ridiculous, that's what I say.
>        Whatever.
>>What are you doing up at 2.45am anyway?
>Ah, well, haven't you heard ? Some say I'm a vampire... that's right, yeah,
>call me Nosferatu ;-)
>Alex S. Garcia.
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