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Fri Dec 13 08:02:28 EST 1996

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, dench wrote:

> The number 777 was regarded by the ancient Greeks as being the most
> perfect number, 666 being the most imperfect number.  They used letters as
> numbers in those days, so people's names could be significant!  The number
> 666 in the Book of Revelations, by the way, does not refer to the Devil,
> but to the name of a Roman governor who particularly persecuted Christians
> during the reign of Nero in the Middle East.  Obviously all those
> researchers for films like Omen did not do their homework properly!!!
> Martin

  The quote from Revelation 13:18 (The number of the beast) has had a
great variety of interpretations over the centuries.  People have tended
to see their own times in understanding this.  Martin is right that the
number does not refer to Satan, no orthodox christians have ever held
that.  It does refer to the Beast, however.  Some see this as a future
person or system, others see it as a past person, eg. Martin in this case,
(no, no,, NOT *MARTIN* is the beast!!!  He just puts forward this veiw)
:)  ,and others see it as symbolic over the ages.
  Some famous beasts have been:  Nero, Napoleon, Hitler, The Papacy, Henry
Kissinger, (Sp?), The guy that owns Microsoft, and of course, the new
world order.  Some are waitng for the Beast to come as some kind of
political/religious leader in the near future.  The symbolic types would
say: All of the above.
 The 777 thing has always been seen in Classical Christian orthodoxy as
  I don't know Buck Dharma's veiw.

  Troy H.

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