Hollow Hippodays!

Andrew A. Apold mordru at MAGG.NET
Thu Dec 19 22:48:06 EST 1996

>....errr, Hippie Hollow-days (anyone know what that refers to, hmmmm?),
uhhh, Happy Holidays, yeah, that's it!!!
>As I will be leaving the frigid climate of Atlanta (it is colder here than
in Washington DC!!) for the (hopefully) warmer Florida shores in two days, I
just wanted to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season. I hope that
you all find that special piece of music under the tree and, if you have
been especially good little boys and girls, mebbe ol' Santy will leave a Box
Of Hammers under there, too!

RIght now it's in the 40's here in southern Florida, for the second time in
two weeks....

Went to see Rush at the excellent outdoor Coral Sky Arena in West Palm Beach
venue), but it was very cold (for here), and Geddy kept taunting everyone
about how
this wasn't really cold weather....   bloody canadians....

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