HW:Re: The REAL Hawks

Thu Dec 26 12:55:10 EST 1996

>         First thing I feel I should point out, my name's Max, as in the
> name - I believe there is (or was) a Maxine on the list, but that is not
> I. Just felt I should point out. Feel free to call me Maxine, though,
> just as long as you don't think you're addressing another person of a
> similar name (and dissimilar sex).

och! i am very sorry about this,i got you confused with maxine wesley,whose
website i visited recently!

>         Well, I can't commenet on them live, as I have said, but you can
> Simon in the live albums. As to playing not much - well, it must change
> with each concert. I don't know the exact details of it, but a lot of
> the material from "Past or Future?" and Spiral Realms' "Solar Wind" are
> drawn from the same concerts: The Great American Music Hall, The Fox
> Theater. I don't know wether they play separately, as a support band
> kind of thing or just in between the Nik numbers, but there still seems
> to be a bit of music there.

i know absolutely nothing about spiral realms. i skipped that part of the
spiral realms is simons band,they play,and then simon was supposed to join
onstage for spiral galaxy and a couple other numbers. but he took the stage
too late at one of the gigs
(the limelite i believe,) then ya couldnt hear him.i was only pointing out
- ya brought up something
to the effect of nik having more early members,and i just dont think you
can include simon in that,because he was really only a guest.

>         As for not hearing him - perhaps it was a bad night? Bad PA? Who
> but, again, the live albums don't show this up.
>         Totaly agree on the Pressurehead front, by the way.

could be. butagian,i wasn't trying to criticize the quality of his
input,just the quantity of his input.

>         Well, the Calvert changes are not only obvious, but also bloody
> briliant ones, but I'd say that the changes that Nik instigated are less
> easily seen. I'd agree that Nik got a bit silly in the 80s, perhaps from
> too much ICU? Nut that was a good thing, I think. Looking at the
> Solstice video, seeing Nik with his shark (or whatever it is) hairstyle,
> was great. A great frontman, but still second best to Calvert, of
> course. Dave can beat out a tune, but he's not an overly good performer.
> But then again, I guess he's not trying to be...

i like the calvert changes. i was just pointing out that they are drastic
ones.nothing at all like
the space ritual.
as for nik's, i hated them,and they were painfully obvious to me.but more
the band didnt like them.huw believed that nik was spoiling his leads with
that sax from hell.
and the others just didnt like the direction they were going.
i like a good front man. but nik doest fit that description imo.  its just
silliness to me.
codpieces and hairdos,and weird robot moves.

> > and nik just doesn't want to be hawkwind.he (from talking to him)
> > to keep that as a project
> > sort of thing,and much prefers to work with his several other bands.
> > and jazz)
>         Which sounds like a very good idea. That's another thing I like
> much about Nik's work - he works in many different genres of music - ICU
> was fantastic, Anubian etc...

no prob there,but yer question was which was the real hw,and since nik's hw
is not a real band,but a part-time project.....

>         It's definately a combination of both - I wouldn't like it if I
> like what they play (realy???), which in turn creates a notion of what I
> love. I'd agree with the "fasten my seatbelt", but only up to a point. I
> mean, if they started to sing Maddona songs, mixed in the a Pet Shop
> Boys sort of sound, I think I'd have to use my ejector seat.

of course you are right,but since that hasnt happened ( i havent heard them
break into material girl yet)
i'll stay. i mean,they are not playing exactly what i want to hear,but it
is still great.

>         Well, Nik plays the fluets and the sax, as well, which would be
> difficult (but not impossible) to overdub on some of the tracks. Does
> this go for Del and Simon, too. I'd find that a bit dificult to believe.
> Not that it would lose out that much to do it this way, though.
> Electronic music isn't cut in exactly the same way as other music is.

i dont see why it would be difficult,its just dubbing. but i was only
talking about nik,as thats all i heard.
and i was only indicating that they dont spend hours in the basement studio
together jamming.

>         Well, I bet (well, I won't bet, but it's not that likely, then)
> haven't heard Calvert's "Silver Machine Blues": "A big hit in the blues
> clubs in the thirties". Now, that's a REAL version of the song.
>         Anyway, your right - it all comes down to the individual's taste.

shoulda placed that bet,you'd have won.but i dont think im likely to see
bob do it live (ALIVE).
but-the thing is,no one doing it NOW does it well (as always,IMO). i would
love to hear bob's version sometime,but other than that i dont care to hear
the tune ever again.

sorry about all the misunderstandings, hoping i havent created new ones. ;)

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