HW: The REAL Hawks

Bernhard Pospiech bernhard.pospiech at GELSENKIRCHEN.NETSURF.DE
Sun Dec 29 13:58:38 EST 1996

Hi there

Just a few notes from me here

- Every HW line up has highpoints
- There isn't a linup which is the BEST or the WORST (except '82-'84)
- Dave Brock was, is and will be the centre of HAWKWIND
- Dave Brock ist the MAIN FORCE behind HAWKWIND

In the last couple of years I have collected about 570 HAWKWIND live tapes.
I have all their official and inofficial stuff.

And from my point (after listening to all the 570 tapes) I must say:

- HAWKWIND have gone through several interesting changes
- The  years between 1982 and 1984 were HAWKWINDs dark years
- Hardcore fans know that this was the time when punker NT played with
- During this time HW was absolute unproductive. No new ideas, no spirit
  in their music (just listen to the tapes and you'll know what I am talking
- During 1970-1976 NT fitted much better to the band. But this time can't
   be compared with the years 1982-1984

HAWKWIND is a SPACEROCK band and not a PUNK band.
We all want to hear good spacerock music and not punk music

I hope that NT won't appear in the future with our favorite band on one
stage at the same time.

If this should ever happen it would be again the beginning of a
unproductive and boring PUNK era!!


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