HW: The REAL Hawks

Sun Dec 29 17:18:10 EST 1996

> Here we go again.  Get your $0.02 cents ready!
> OK, how can Nik be called a punk??  His style precedes and is
> distinct from punk.  IMO the contributions of Turner and Brock
> to the band HAWKWIND are similar to the contributions of
> Lennon and McCartney to the band the BEATLES.  (no direct
> comparison intended, just the indispensibility).
> Martyn

i agree with you that brock/turner worked fantastically well together.but,i
do believe nik tried to merge his icu punk style in with hw in the early
nik turner is definitely unquestionably a punker. but he is also a
jazzman,and a spacerocker,and god knows what else.
if you dont believe hes a punker, ask him.
i think the problems with nik's style as far as hw was concerned,came
mostly from the times
he was given free control,the stuff he produced dint fit with the stuff
they were doing AT THE TIME.
i am not against seeing nik with brock at all,so long as he is not out
front. if he can work harmoniously with the other members,im for it. i love
icu as icu,but hw should remain hw.  thats my .02$.  (minus taxes)

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