32 tracks

M R Godwin hssmrg at BATH.AC.UK
Tue Jun 11 07:23:56 EDT 1996

Here are 32 tracks which I think are a much better selection than the
Workshop of the Telescopes set. They are (sort of) in order of preference,
not in programme order. I would guess that most people would include all
my top 10; the majority would agree with the top 20; you can't avoid
including the last 4 whether you want to or not; and the rest are down to
my personal preference - I expect other people would make quite a few

I thought I had better exclude Redcap and Diz after getting them muddled
up with each other!

1  Astronomy
2  Dominance and Submission
3  Last Days of May
4  The Subhuman
5  Godzilla
6  Workshop of the Telescopes
7  Del Rio's Song
8  The Red and the Black
9  Lips in the Hills
10 Me262
11 Hot Rails to Hell
12 Flaming Telepaths
13 Stairway to the Stars
14 Cities on Flame with Rock'n'Roll
15 Veteran of the Psychic Wars
16 Quicklime Girl
17 Magna of Illusion
18 Cagey Cretins
19 OD'd on life
20 Wings Wetted Down
21 Career of Evil
22 Unknown Tongue
23 Nosferatu
24 Baby Ice Dog
25 Debbie Denise
26 Shadow of California
27 Joan Crawford has risen from the Grave
28 Heavy Metal (Black and Silver)
29 (Don't Fear) the Reaper
30 Burning for you
31 Take Me Away
32 Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

Any disagreements? Arguments? Tracks from Club Ninja? Anyone seriously
prepared to argue that the Workshop of the Telescopes set is great as it

- Mike Godwin

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