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M Holmes fofp at TATTOO.ED.AC.UK
Thu Jun 13 14:12:10 EDT 1996

J Strobridge writes:

> M Holmes writes:
> > J Strobridge writes:
> >
> > > Space Opera - surely!   (although I've suddenly had this terrible vision
> > > of Hawkwind abruptly appearing on the flight deck of StarShip Enterprise
> > > in full stage performing gear - ah no!
> >
> > I take it you missed the Choose Your Masques tour in 1982?
> >
> Yep!  'fraid so.    Details please?

There's a video of this somewhere but basically they had 16 TV screens
behind the band in a 4x4 array. Sometimes they showed the same picture
on each (space piccies, Stonehenge etc) and sometimes a composite across
the 16 screens. The rest of the set was done up like the bridge of a
starship with 4 supplementary screens at various positions. IMHO this
was very effective and I remember this as one of the best of the 60 or
so gigs I've seen.

> jill


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