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Fri Mar 1 01:28:00 EST 1996

On 29-FEB-1996 22:05:21.5 BOC-L said to HERBERT119
   >(this is very OFF:)
   >Kevin Haskel Rubin wrote (on the QS&C single):
   >> The title track is straight Hawkwind, but the techno stuff isn't at
   >all > typical.  That's remixed by someone else (Astralasia?).
   >I dunno about Astralasia, but the other name credited for the remix
   >was Swordfish. They're a techno band from Sydney, Australia, usually
   >on the Volition label (who do Severed Heads, Itch-e+Scratch-e, etc.;
   >mostly Sydney techno bands.) They're kinda pulp techno, but (as
   >techno goes) they're usually better than this.. The "Uncle Sam"
   >remixes were pretty bad IMHO.
   >> There's a full
   >> CD called _Quark Strangeness and Charm_ which is mostly like the
   >first song ,
   >> and shouldn't be confused with the 4-song one of the same name.
   >It's good,
   >> too.
   >As a HW newbie, my opinion is expressed very _very_ humbly, but I'd
   >like to say the album QS&C has many _excellent_ tracks which are more
   >"sensible" than the song QS&C (e.g. "Spirit of the Age").
   >-matt (delicately placing foot in mouth)
   >Matthew Curtis (matt at #612340583175

And it only features the awesome "Hassan I Sahba", which I think placed
around # 3 on the HW song poll. That oughtta say something... "Days Of The
Underground" is also a classic.


"Death unto all infidels in oil"

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