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Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Mon Mar 4 08:01:35 EST 1996

> EMI Re-issues released on March 25!

        May the gods defend my wallet!

> Bonus tracks are:
> Hawkwind: Bring it in Home, HW Zoo version of Hurry on Sundown, Kiss
> of the Velvet Whip, Cymbaline

        Nothing particularly new here, except Cymbaline which I don't
recognize (the Floyd song?).  I wonder whether all this stuff is
remastered--does anyone actually _have_ the original tapes of "Bring it
On Home"?  :)

> X In Search of Space: Silver Machine, Seven by Seven, Born to Go

        As seen on Stasis, I assume.  Will remastering clean up the sound on
"SM" at all?

> Doremi Fasol Latido: Urban Guerilla, Brainbox Pollution, Lord of
> Light, Ejection

        As seen on various compilations, I would assume.

> Hall of the Mountain Grill: PAradox, You'd better Believe it,
> Psychedelic Warlords, It's so Easy

        Now this is interesting.  "It's so Easy" is presumably the same
as it is elsewhere, but are the others (additional) live versions?  Weren't
"Paradox" and "You'd Better Believe It" live to start with?

> Space Ritual Alive: ?? Notes says with extra tracks and extra info!

        Presumably they will put "You Shouldn't Do That" on here.  Hopefully
they would use the IMHO crappy sounding Roadhawks version--this is one place
were the _Acid Daze_/_Anthology_ version of the track is much better.  The
AD/Anth version is a bit rawer sounding, but is much less muddy and the
instrument balance is better than on the Roadhawks version.
        And the Silver Machine _encore_ perhaps?  It'd be nice if they included
the full versions of the tracks which were shortened on the original, but
that's probably too much to hope for ...


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