BOC: Buck in "GUANO"?

Mon Mar 18 18:45:58 EST 1996

> Forgive me if this is already in the FAQ but one of my profs told me that
> Buck Dharma played on a song for the band "Guano" in the '80s.  The hit song
> was called "I Want to Be a Lifeguard".  Kind of expands on the pop/surf
> influences we've all accused Buck of having ;)
>         Also he said that there's a song called "Heavy Metal Weekend" in which
> the words Blue Oyster Cult are yelled at one time or another.
> Anyone know more on this?
> Brian
> <Halligbt at>


The band was (is) called "Blotto" and the song Buck plays on is "Metal
Head".  He's in the video too, which as I recall was Buck sitting at home
watching MTV when this band comes on and Buck starts throwing stuff at
the TV.
Not sure of the whole story but I remember hearing/reading/daydreaming
that Buck saw these guys play out on Long Island and thought they were
intersting enough to try and help out.  The albums not bad, not great but
not bad.  Almost a party album.

Now, go back to class and tell your Prof. that if he doesn't get his
facts straight next time you'll have to fail him  ;-)



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