HW: Better with Bridgette?

Rudich, Robert A Rudich at VOLPE2.DOT.GOV
Thu May 2 15:20:00 EDT 1996

>obControversy: Getting Wishart into the band at that point saved them.

Had she stayed around longer or played a role with more impact, I'd agree.
  I watched the Live Legends video again just the other day and I kept
thinking how little Bridgette did.   She does "Back in the Box", but that
preceded her and has stayed on since she left.   She adds new bits to "Night
of the Hawks" and "Damnation Alley" that make them different variants, but
don't impact the heart of the songs.   She doesn't seem to be overly
animated either.

My 1st exposure to her was seeing them live in 90 and I was shocked at this
addition.   Then after the 1st song she left the stage.  She'd come on from
time to time in a mask or paint, maybe to sing a bit, but didn't seem fully
integrated with the band.   Again, she didn't seem to be enjoying herself or
that into things.   She didn't really last beyond that year and I can't
detect any change that she brought about.  Except that her leaving
ultimately led to a very spare line up.

I'd say that Simon House's return on the fiddle had more impact on HW
changing for the better.  I've listened to some 89 gigs and then the 90
ones, and House rules these.  Bridgette may have been a reflection of the
band's subliminal desire to change, but I think see it as result and not a
cause.  The sound was beefed up by House's fill ins way more than by
Bridgette's vocals.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Bridgette material a lot (she is no babe, if
I may get non PC).   Wish she was still involved with HW too.  But savior is
more than I'll give her.


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